Ghibah is not an easy term to translate- there is no single equivalent word in English, although it may be loosely covered by the term Backbiting (Ghibah) also includes Gossip, slandering, scandal-mongering, etc. Continue reading “E-Book: Backbiting and Its Adverse Effects” »

Bulugh al-Maram is the shortened name of the collection of hadith by al-Hafidh ibn Hajar al-Asqalani entitled, Bulugh al-Maram min Adillat al- Ahkam (translation: Attainment of the Objective According to Evidences of the Ordinances). It contains a total of 1358 hadiths., At the end of each hadith narrated in Bulugh al-Maram, al-Hafidh ibn Hajar mentions who collected that hadith originally. Continue reading “E-Book: Bulugh Al-Maram / Imam Ibn Hajr” »

Today’s pace of life has created an imbalance in many people’s priorities, especially in diminishing spiritual fulfilment. Seldom do we find contentment or a sense of purpose in our daily routine; Masjid’s are running on the hollowness of its congregations, homes have become dry of personal uplift – thisv is due to a distinct lack of understanding of what our prayer means and what it demands of us. Continue reading “E-Book: Inner Dimensions of the Prayer by Imam ibn al-Qayyim” »

By Sheikh Salih al-Munajjid. An excellent book discussing the foundation of an Islamic household. The author addresses issues that are relevant to the majority of the Muslims, such as the importance of choosing a righteous spouse, disciplining your wife and children, making your home a place for the remembrance of Allah, spreading kindness in the home, teaching good manners, discussing some of the evils present in the home, learning the Islamic rulings with regard to the houses, creating an atmosphere of faith in the home, resisting bad manners in the home, choosing a good location and design of home, how to discipline the children which may by more effective than physical punishment and the books that we should read and much more. Continue reading “E-Book: Advice On Establishing An Islamic Home” »

Following the publication of ‘Khalid ibn Waleed – Sword of Allah,’ there has been a huge revival in reader’s interest for books dealing with early Islamic History. It was decided that we complete the task of publishing the [out of print] books by A.I.Akram on the first hundred years of Islam.

Hence, present before you is second in the series of books written by A.I.Akram – The Muslim Conquest of Persia. Continue reading “E-Book: The Muslim Conquest of Persia” »

This book appears at a time when many other books and ideas are being propogated to justify the status quo of the ummah, and the position of those who are not ruling by what Allah has revealed and to detract from the seriousness of the situation. Continue reading “E-Book: Man-Made Laws vs. Shari’ah by Sheikh Abdul Rahman al-Mahmood” »

The Quran is the greatest miracle for mankind, yet how many of us truly understand its beautiful message and the sciences that surround it?

This book is one of the many written on this topic. In it, the renowned author Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah outlines the principles employed by the scholars in understanding the verses of the Quran.

What makes this book unique is the fact that it is combined with Sheikh Ibn al-Uthaymeen’s detailed explanation of the original text. Continue reading “E-Book – Introduction to The Principles of Tafsir By Ibn Taymiyyah” »

Translation of Muqaddimah Al-Risalah ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani by Imam Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (310-389 AH). Continue reading “E-Book – The Creed of Ibn Abi Zayd Al-Qayrawani” »

Amongst the countless blessings which Almighty Allah has bestowed upon the Muslims is that He has preserved their religion for them and provided the appropriate means for Islam to be safeguarded and preserved, in that He has raised erudite scholars through whom the Sunnah of the Noble Prophet, Muhammad ibn Abdullaah (S), the seal of the prophets, has been preserved. Continue reading “E-Book: Thulaathiyyaat from Musnad Imam Ahamd bin Hanbal” »