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Brothers / إخوان

“I can’t say it…”

Abu Ishaaq Al-Fazari said to Abdullah bin Mubarak, “O Abu Abdulrahman, there was a man from our companions who had gathered more knowledge than you and I, and when he was dying, I told him, ‘Say: La Ilaha Ila Allah’. He said, ‘I can’t say it’. I asked him twice, and he could not say it. He remained like this until he died.”

Abdullah bin Mubarak said,“I asked about him, and it was said that he was disobedient to his parents”

Abu Ishaaq said, “So I presumed that he was forbidden from saying it (kalimat al ikhlaas) due to the disobedience of his parents.”

Source: Ibn Abi Al-Dunya, ‘Al-Muhtadhireen’