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Documentary: Syria – Shiaism is killing us!

This video is for educational purposes only and simply provides a view of the Syrian people who are literally being butchering by Bathist Assad regime who is ironically backed by the so called regime that claims to support the “oppressed” worldwise.

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Boycotting Muslims? Ustadh Abdul Rahman Hassan

Due to many youth misunderstanding text and misquoting scholars we have become more divided and this division has it’s extremes where muslims would label a whole masjid with a title, then spread this between their congregation and then the final result is the attendees of this masjid dont even deserve ‘salam’.

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Ibn al-Hajj al-Fassi [737 A.H] – Celebrating Non-Muslim Holidays & Exchanging Gifts  

Written by Ustadh Abdus Shakur Brooks

I was asked concerning the rule of exchanging gifts during Christmas or participating in related activities. Below follows  a detailed discussion I translated by the erudite Maliki scholar Ibn Al-Hājj Al-Fāsi [737 A.H/ Cairo] who addressed this matter centuries before us in Cairo, Egypt where there was a presence of some Jewish and Christian communities. It shows that this matter was an issue of concern long before modern times. Ibn Al-Hājj makes the matter clear  first by explaining what the people were doing during his time, then addressing the rule by stating the position of the early Imams and foremost the book of Allah and the sunnah.

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Advice to Salafi Publications Part 2 | Ustadh Abdul Rahman Hassan

On 08, Dec 2012 | In Innovation / بدعة, Methodology / منهج, Refutations, Video | By Abu 'Aaminah

In this lecture he brings the sayings of the salaf and how they dealt with “Mubtad’een” and their likes..

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George Celebrates Eid by Sheikh Abu Adnan

On 07, Dec 2012 | In Audio, Refutations, Shariah / شريعة‎, Youth / شباب | By Abu 'Aaminah

Muslims engaging in non-Islamic festivals, whether that be through speech, mannerisms or otherwise has unfortunately become the norm in many of our societies. What are the rulings pertaining to the many issues surrounding such festivities? Shaykh Abu Adnan convincingly outlines these verdicts, providing evidences from the Qur’aan, Sunnah and prominent scholars that leave absolutely no doubt on where a Muslim should stand when faced with these matters.