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Ramadan / رمضان



In Books / كُتُب
Ramadan / رمضان

By Abu 'Aaminah

E-Book: Ramadan Guide

On 24, Jun 2014 | In Books / كُتُب, Ramadan / رمضان | By Abu 'Aaminah

The Qur’an Project 2014 Ramadhan Guide has been published to help you through this Ramadhan. Continue reading “E-Book: Ramadan Guide” »

E-Book: Let’s Talk About Ramadan

This book was compiled and organized according to the madhhab of Imam Aḥmad bin Ḥanbal (d. 242).

About the Book:

This is a conversation taking place between Amir and Zayd. Amir is a new Muslim who has some questions about fasting in Ramaḍān. Zayd has a significant amount of knowledge regarding fasting as he was granted the opportunity to travel abroad and study Islām. Continue reading “E-Book: Let’s Talk About Ramadan” »

Taraweeh Prayers: 8 or 20? Same as Tahajjud?

The Holy Prophet (May Allah shower His blessings and peace be on him) recommended Salat-ul- Lail (Night Prayers) in Ramadhan and emphasized on it. The correct view is that Taraweeh and Tahajjud Prayers are two separate kinds of Salah, the former for just after Esha prayers, only in Ramadhan, the later in the last third part of night, throughout the year. Continue reading “Taraweeh Prayers: 8 or 20? Same as Tahajjud?” »



In Ramadan / رمضان

By Abu 'Aaminah

Loving I’itikaaf

On 06, Aug 2012 | In Ramadan / رمضان | By Abu 'Aaminah

A brief excerpt from Shaikh Mohammed Mukhtar Al-Shanqiti’s advice to those who want to perform ‘Itikaaf. His words resonate with beauty, Mash’Allah.

Continue reading “Loving I’itikaaf” »



In Hadith / حديث
Ramadan / رمضان

By Abu 'Aaminah

Smell of a Fasting Person

On 03, Aug 2012 | In Hadith / حديث, Ramadan / رمضان | By Abu 'Aaminah

The Prophet (salah allahu ‘alayhi wa salam) said: “By Him in Whose Hands my soul is, the smell coming out from the mouth of a fasting person is better in the sight of Allah than the smell of musk” [Al-Bukhari]

Continue reading “Smell of a Fasting Person” »