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By Abu 'Aaminah

On 24, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By Abu 'Aaminah

The Death of Ramadan al-Buti / Sh. Muhammad al-Sabuni

The noble scholar and mufassir of al-Sham, Sh. Muhammad Ali al-Sabuni (author of the famous tafsir Safwat al-Tafasir) comments on the death of Sh. al-Buti.

Main points:

– Death does not discriminate; everyone shall taste death, and everyone is equal before death, oppressor and the oppressed alike.

– Yesterday the world witnessed the death of a scholar who took it upon himself to be subordinate to oppression and tyranny, at the expense of the truth and justice.

– Sh. al-Buti stood by the criminal munafiq Hafez al-Assad during his rule and when Assad died prayed over him, inspite of Allah’s (swt) saying, “And do not pray over any of them who dies, ever, and do not stand over their graves.”

– In the current blessed uprising the position of al-Buti was against not only the Syrian people but against the ulama as a whole.

– The ulama deemed it obligatory to rebel against the Musaylama of our time, Bashar al-Assad, after his oppression and tyranny exceeded all bounds: killing people, destroying the land, transgressing against the houses of Allah, dishonouring women…and al-Buti stood by him in spite of all this, aiding him in his oppression and profligacy, forgetting the saying of the noble Prophet (saw), “He who supports in the killing of a believer by even half a word will meet Allah (swt) with “Deprived of the mercy of Allah” written between his eyes.”

– al-Buti went so far as to describe the revolutionaries as ‘scum’ and went so far as to count the dead of the Syrian army as being like the Sahaba. Had he remained silent it would have been better for him!

– Dr. al-Buti was most likely killed by the regime itself after its having used him as much as they needed, with his last use being his call for the people of Syria to fight jihad with the army of the regime against the revolutionaries!

– The people of the uprising, which came out from the masajid and whose cries were “Labayk, O Allah, Labayk”, would not do such a thing as to bomb a house of Allah. Such an act contravenes the principles of our deen. The people of the uprising are more noble than to kill someone due to difference of opinion.

– Who benefits from the killing of al-Buti? The regime! For it will push the people against the uprising by accusing them of killing people on account of difference of opinion.Note how the officials of the regime entered the bombed masjid straight after the bombing in peace and security!

– The noble revolutionaries have far more important targets than al-Buti, if they wanted to kill, such as the military men of the army. Further, al-Buti was no longer of any harm to them, as all the people had turned away from him.

– We, in Syria, are certain that this action was carried out by the thugs of al-Assad, for we are well aware of them and their methods, after decades of experiencing their brutality.

– I ask all Muslims to make du’a for everyone killed and martyred in the path of the truth. On the day that al-Buti died, 150 others were killed in Syria by this criminal regime.

– We ask Allah to accept our martyrs, forgive them, and make the best of our actions our last ones…and all praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

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