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Islamic History / تاريخ

E-Book: Al-Muhaddithat: The Women Scholars in Islam

This book is an adaptation of the Muqaddimah or Preface to Mohammad Akram’s 40-volume biographical dictionary (in Arabic) of the Muslim women who studied and taught hadith.

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E-Book: The History of the Khalifahs by Imam Suyuti

Taken from Tarikh al-Khulafa, this classical work presents authentic hadith about the first four Khalifahs of Islam, may Allah be pleased with them, illustrating both the integrity and wisdom that they displayed in governance. This book also highlights their contributions to that body of practice which is known as the Sunnah.




In Audio
Islamic History / تاريخ

By Abu 'Aaminah

Audio Book: The Crusades Through Arab Eyes

On 29, Oct 2012 | In Audio, Islamic History / تاريخ | By Abu 'Aaminah

European and Arab versions of the Crusades have little in common. For Arabs, the twelfth and thirteenth centuries were years of strenuous efforts to repel a brutal and destructive invasion by barbarian hordes. In “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes”, Amin Maalouf has sifted through the works of a score of contemporary Arab chroniclers of the Crusades, eyewitnesses and often participants in the events. He retells their stories in their own vivacious style, giving us a vivid portrait of a society rent by internal conflicts, and shaken by a traumatic encounter with an alien culture. He retraces two critical centuries of Middle Eastern history, and offers fascinating insights into some of the forces that shape Arab and Islamic consciousness today.

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Video Lectures: The Ummah’s Uprising / Our Roles & Responsibilities

The uprisings in the Muslim World have been a very important and unexpected turn of events. Starting in Tunisia they have spread to many countries, with Syria now being the focal point. A community forum discussing these uprisings from various angles and our role in the struggle for Islam.

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The Lost Speech of Imam Anwar Awlaki (Shaheed InshAllah)

On 15, Sep 2012 | In Announcements, Islamic History / تاريخ, Shariah / شريعة‎, Video | By Abu 'Aaminah

Sheikh Anwar al-Awlaki speaks about the concept of tolerance and how, for centuries, Muslims have always been the most tolerant towards “minorities” living among Muslims under the Islamic state.

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah and the Ashaa’irah

“In the speech of the Ashaa-‘irah there is (some) correct proof and it agrees with the Sunnah, that which is not found in the (other) groups, and they are the closest group of the People of Rhetoric to the Sunnah, The Jama’ah, and the Hadeeth, and they are considered Ahl As-Sunnah wa Al-Jama’ah when observing the likes of the Mu’tazilah and Raafidhah and other than them. Rather they are Ahl As-Sunnah wa Al-Jama’ah in the countries that have Ahl Al-Bida’ah in them, and those Ahl Al-Bida’ah are the Mu’tazilah and Raafidhah and other than them.”

Source: Naqs At-Ta’sees 2/87 Ibn Taymiyyah, Mawquf Ibn Taymiyah min al-Ashaa’irah Dr. Abd Ar-Rahman ِِAl-Hamood.