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Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal: His Name and His Lineage (1)

On 30, Jul 2013 | In Biographies, Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal (رحمه الله) | By Abu 'Aaminah

He is Ahmed bin Muhammad bin Hanbal bin Hilal bin Asad bin Idrees bin Abdillah bin Hayyan.

His Kunya was Abu ‘Abdillah.

Abdullah bin Ata said:

“Ahmed bin Hanbal and the Prophet (saw) have a common ancestor, Nizar, because the Prophet (saw) was one of the descendants of Mudhar bin Nizar and all of Quraish are from Mudhar, while Ahmed bin Hanbal was descended from Rabee’ah bin Nizar, Iyad bin Nizar and Anmar in Nizar, and from these four all of the Arab tribes are descended.” [1]

Al-Asma’i said:

“Abu Abdullah Ahmed bin Hanbal was from Zuhl and his father was a leader.”[2] Muhammad, the father of Abu ‘Abdillah was one of the soldiers of Merv [3] and he dies while still a young man, aged around thirty years. Ibn Al-Jawzi said: “His father was a professional soldier.”

Imam Ahmed was originally from Basrah; his grandfather was Hanbal, who was one of the supporters of the Abbasid call and the Governor of Sarkhas and he was subjected to harm in the course of his calling to the family of Al-Abbas.

Both his (Imam Ahmed) father and grandfather were brave fighters and from them Imam Ahmed inherited his courage, his steadfastness in supporting the truth and his patient perseverance in the face of adversity and difficulty.

His mother was from the Shaibani tribe; her name was Safiyyah bint Maimoonah bint Abdul Malik Ash-Shaibani, from Banu Shaiban; Arab tribes used to stay with him and he would provide hospitality to them. [4]


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