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Documentary: The Death of an Imam

On 29, Oct 2012 | In Current Affairs / فـقـه الـواقـع, Documentaries | By Abu 'Aaminah

A short documentary film on the 2009 FBI shooting of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah in a Dearborn warehouse. The documentary was produced by faculty and students at Michigan State University.

The Death of an Imam from Salah D. Hassan on Vimeo.

Documentary: The Babar Ahmad Story

A new documentary, ‘The Story of Babar Ahmad’ has been produced by an independent film-maker Bilal Abdul Kareen. The film examines the case of Babar Ahmad from the initial assault on him by the police right though to his ongoing detention without trial pending extradition to the US and the police mishandling of the material seized from his home. It features a number of interviews with prominent solicitors, barristers, politicians, activists and members of Babar Ahmad’s family.

Ibn Battuta: Journey To Mecca

Journey to Mecca tells the incredible true story of Ibn Battuta, one of the greatest travelers in history. In 1325, as a 21-year-old law student, he set out from Morocco on an epic journey to the sacred city of Mecca. Along the way, he is besieged by bandits, disease and sandstorms, but when he finally arrives after having travelled thousands of miles, visited some of the greatest cities of the medieval world, and joined a camel caravan of 10,000 people he is a man transformed. With stunning imagery and released to critical acclaim around the world, Journey to Mecca includes extraordinary and moving footage of the Hajj, one of the longest running annual events in human history.

Documentary: Syrian Uprising

Paul Wood charts the rise and brutal suppression of the uprising in the Syrian city of Homs. What started with hope of revolution now sees refugees fleeing to escape retribution.



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Islamic History / تاريخ

By Abu 'Aaminah

Video: Palestine in 1896

On 25, Feb 2012 | In Documentaries, Islamic History / تاريخ, Video | By Abu 'Aaminah

First film footage taken in Palestine:

First film footage taken in Palestine by the Lumiere Brothers. One of the first ever videos to be made in history.



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By Abu 'Aaminah