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E-Book: Advice On Establishing An Islamic Home

By Sheikh Salih al-Munajjid. An excellent book discussing the foundation of an Islamic household. The author addresses issues that are relevant to the majority of the Muslims, such as the importance of choosing a righteous spouse, disciplining your wife and children, making your home a place for the remembrance of Allah, spreading kindness in the home, teaching good manners, discussing some of the evils present in the home, learning the Islamic rulings with regard to the houses, creating an atmosphere of faith in the home, resisting bad manners in the home, choosing a good location and design of home, how to discipline the children which may by more effective than physical punishment and the books that we should read and much more. Continue reading “E-Book: Advice On Establishing An Islamic Home” »

Islamic Cartoon for Kids: Misri Bunch

On 12, Aug 2012 | In Announcements, Aqeedah / عقيدة, Children, Parenting, Video, Youth / شباب | By Abu 'Aaminah

Misri Bunch is a puppet show aimed at teaching children Islam in an innovative and exciting way.

The Misri Bunch’s first interactive DVD release titled “Names Of Allah” is out now. In this DVD Abul Waleed (the wise fox) goes through the names and attributes of Allah with his friends showing examples through colorful illustration.

Continue reading “Islamic Cartoon for Kids: Misri Bunch” »

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