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Islamic History / تاريخ

By Abu 'Aaminah

E-Book: 1066 – How Islamophobia Came To The British Isles

On 05, Oct 2014 | In Books / كُتُب, Islamic History / تاريخ | By Abu 'Aaminah

At the beginning of the 21st centuary, Britain was engaged in its Fourth Afghan Crusade. No other country has attacked Afghanistan as many times as Britain. In addition Britain has been instrumental in supporting despots and dictorships in the Muslim World and has contributed to the deaths of half a million Iraqi children.

During the age of direct Imperialism, the British Empire enslaved millions of Muslims from Africa, colonised vast swathes of Muslim territory, displaced the Mughal Empire in South Asia; and conspired in the dismemberment of the Ottoman Caliphate to create illegitmate post-Caliphate statelets such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, etc. All of Britain’s mainstream parties support the Zionist state of Israel.