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Aqeedah / عقيدة



In Aqeedah / عقيدة
Books / كُتُب

By Abu 'Aaminah

E-Book: Belief in Allah / Sh. Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar

On 07, Apr 2013 | In Aqeedah / عقيدة, Books / كُتُب | By Abu 'Aaminah

In this book, Dr ‘Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar discusses the wrong ideas that have crept into Muslims’ minds concerning Allah and His attributes, and highlights the fact that the only correct way to understand the verses of the Qur’an and the ahaadeeth, which speak of Allah and His attributes, is the way in which they were understood by the first generations of this ummah (the salaf).

Shaikh ‘Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar also examines modern concepts, such as the theory of evolution, and proves that they are wrong and false. Following the Qur’anic injunction to ponder the signs of Allah in the universe, he also pays attention to the study of natural phenomena which clearly point to the existence and Oneness of the Almighty Creator. Thus, Dr. Al-Ashqar affirms the principle which lies as the heart of Islamic faith and practice, namely Tawheed, the Absolute Oneness of the Divine.

Dr Shaikh ‘Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar Originally from Palestine, he graduated in Shariah from Medina Munawarrah and did his masters and doctoral degrees at al-Azhar University, currently he is the Dean and of the Faculty of Islamic Law, at al-Zarqa’ University in Zarqa, Jordan.


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