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Islamic Cartoon for Kids: Misri Bunch

On 12, Aug 2012 | In Announcements, Aqeedah / عقيدة, Children, Parenting, Video, Youth / شباب | By Abu 'Aaminah

Misri Bunch is a puppet show aimed at teaching children Islam in an innovative and exciting way.

The Misri Bunch’s first interactive DVD release titled “Names Of Allah” is out now. In this DVD Abul Waleed (the wise fox) goes through the names and attributes of Allah with his friends showing examples through colorful illustration.

Episode 01: Hide and Seek: Al Baseer (Allah the All Seeing)

In episode 01, Sal Sal is trying to find a place to hide where no one can see him. Little did poor Sal Sal know that no mater where you hide you can always be seen by Allah All Mighty. Abul Waleed Helps Sal Sal to understand this concept by telling him a story.

Episode 02: Asking Allah: As Samee (Allah the All hearing)

In episode 02, Nabeel is trying to find his keys. He lost them when he went to see Saalim to tell him a story. Abul Waleed is curious about what story Nabeel told Saalim. Learning about Dua, they both make Dua to As-Samee (Allah The All hearing) to help them find Nabeel’s keys.

Episode 03: Our Return: Al Mumit (The One who gives death to the living)

In episode 03, Maha’s butterfly died and she is very upset. Hearing her cry, Abul Waleed comes to advise his fury friend by reminding her that to Allah we belong and to Him we shall all return.

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